A comparison among three submaximal step tests for predicting maximal oxygen intake

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Physical fitness for men -- Testing, Oxygen in the body, Pulmonary function
Statementby Charles Hobert Hundley.
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Get this from a library. A comparison among three submaximal step tests for predicting maximal oxygen intake. [Charles Hobert Hundley]. Kasch FW, Phillips WH, Ross WD, Carter JE, Boyer JL.

A comparison of maximal oxygen uptake by treadmill and step-test procedures. J Appl Physiol. Jul; 21 (4)– Margaria R, Aghemo P, Rovelli E. Indirect determination of maximal O2 consumption in man. J Cited by: Three predictive tests of maximum oxygen uptake--linear extrapolation of heart rate of VO2 collected from a submaximal cycle ergometer test (predicted L/E), the Cooper 12 min walk, run test, and a multi-stage progressive shuttle run test (MST)--were performed by 22 young healthy males (mean(s.d.) age () years; body mass (kg)) and Cited by: field tests.-done with a track, stop watch, and HR.

lab submaximal tests.-done with cycle ergometers, treadmill, or step machine. maximal tests.-done with any equipment, but has to be sport specific, and requires a metabolic cart. Validity of Submaximal Step Tests to Estimate Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Healthy Adults Article (PDF Available) December with 6, Reads How we measure 'reads'.

Aerobic capacity (VO2max) is a strong predictor of health and fitness and is considered a key physiological measure in the healthy adult population. Submaximal step tests provide a safe, simple and ecologically valid means of assessing VO2max in both the general population and a rehabilitation setting.

Description A comparison among three submaximal step tests for predicting maximal oxygen intake FB2

However, no studies have attempted to synthesize the existing knowledge regarding the Cited by: List three assumptions necessary for predicting VO2max from submaximal GXT data.

Explain how/why each of these may introduce some variability to this type of estimation of someone's VO2max. 1) Steady state HR is achieved during each interval. Step tests provide a practical, submaximal method of the validity of submaximal step tests to estimate maximal oxygen consumption.

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The Preferred Reporting Items for VO 2max in comparison. Background: This study aimed to test the validity of three different submaximal tests (i.e., 3-min step test with cm step box height (3MST20), 3-min step test with cm step box height (3MST30), and 6-min walk test (6MWT)) in estimating maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) in young and healthy individuals.

Methods: The 3MST20, 3MST30, 6MWT, as well as the cardiopulmonary exercise test Author: Sung Hyun Hong, Hyuk In Yang, Dong-Il Kim, Tomas I.

Gonzales, Soren Brage, Justin Y. Jeon. A new submaximal cycle ergometer test for prediction of VO 2 max.

Details A comparison among three submaximal step tests for predicting maximal oxygen intake PDF

Scand J Med Sci Sports. II. Frida Björkman, Elin Ekblom-Bak, Örjan Ekblom and Björn Ekblom. Validity of the revised Ekblom Bak cycle ergometer test in adults. Eur J Appl Physiol.III. Frida Björkman, Tony Bohman, Elin Ekblom-Bak File Size: 2MB. A maximal test would be used to measure the direct oxygen consumption and maximum heart rate and the amount of carbon dioxide you expend during the test.

Also, your heart rate and blood pressure are being monitored by a technician or by an exercise physiologist, and sometimes a physician to supervise.

Background. Recently, several authors have proposed the use of a submaximal ‘perceptually regulated exercise test’ (PRET) to predict maximal oxygen uptake (\(\dot{V}{\text{O}}_{2\;\hbox{max} } \)).The PRET involves asking the individual to self-regulate a series of short bouts of exercise corresponding to pre-set ratings of perceived exertion (RPE).Cited by: 8.

Sub-maximal exercise tests do not require all-out effort and can be effective in estimating and predicting your maximal oxygen uptake. Aerobic fitness tests can be done on a treadmill, an exercise bike or on a track or other safe place to walk or : Blake Hagen.

Introduction. Maximal oxygen uptake (V ˙ O 2 max), defined as the highest rate at which the body can transport and utilise oxygen during exercise, 1 is widely accepted as a criterion measure of cardiorespiratory fitness.

2 However, direct assessment of the V ˙ O 2 max requires exercise to volitional exhaustion, which is not advisable for individuals who may be limited by pain, fatigue Cited by: Exercise tests.

The exercise tests listed above were all assessed by one study each, except for the conventional Åstrand test (three studies), the 5-minute walk test (three studies), and a submaximal bicycle ergometer test following a protocol other than the Åstrand test (three studies).Cited by: for submaximal tests (r=), for maximal tests (r=), for “field” tests (r= ), for other laboratory tests (r=).

The body weight and percentage evaluated of non-mass body weight have an insignificant influence on the correlation between maximal oxygen consumption presented in ml kg-1. Background This study used a novel protocol to test the hypothesis that a plateau in oxygen consumption (VO2max) during incremental exercise testing to exhaustion represents the maximal capacity of the cardiovascular system to transport oxygen.

Methods Twenty-six subjects were randomly divided into two groups matched by their initial VO2max. On separate days, the reverse group Cited by: Factors contributing to the gymnastic excellence of the Japanese [microform] / by Kenneth Paul Ourso. Format Microfiche Book Published Description v, 70 leaves: ill.

Thesis (M.S.)--Western Illinois University, Notes "UO " Bibliography: leaves [62] Microfiche. Predicting Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2max) Levels in Adolescents Brent A. Shepherd Brigham Young University - Provo Follow this and additional works at: Part of theStatistics and Probability Commons This Selected Project is brought to you for free and open access by BYU ScholarsArchive.

Background Cardiorespiratory fitness measured by treadmill testing has prognostic significance in determining mortality with cardiovascular and other chronic disease states. The accuracy of a recently developed method for estimating maximal oxygen uptake (VO2peak), the heart rate index (HRI), is dependent only on heart rate (HR) and was tested against oxygen uptake (VO2), either measured or Cited by: 2.

Submaximal graded exercise is any physical activity whose intensity increases at regular intervals up to but never exceeding 85 percent of your maximum heart rate, according to the American Council on Exercise. Among the types of graded exercise tests normally used to find your aerobic capacity are a stationary bike and a treadmill test.

A comparison of maximal and submaximal heart rate and oxygen uptake in combined arm and leg bicycling and rawing Asaro, Victoria L., M.A. Western Michigan University, UMI N. Zeeb Rd. Ann Arbor, MI Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner.

Further reproduction prohibited without : Victoria L. Asaro. Oxygen consumption was measured in a steady state at rest (i.e. sitting on the bicycle ergometer and standing on the treadmill) and during the two modes ofexercise.

Asignificant positive correlation between oxygen consumption and body weight was obtained under all four conditions ofmeasurement. At rest the two regression lines did not differ in Cited by: 8. Submaximal Treadmill Test The process of this test involves a brisk to fast walking pace ranging for – mph and eliciting a heart rate between % of the age-predicted maximum which should be established during a 4-minute warm-up at 0% grade.

If the heart rate is not above bpm by the end of the 4-minute warm-up then continue for another minute. Validity of submaximal step tests to estimate maximal oxygen uptake in healthy adults.

Sports Med. 46, – doi: /s CrossRef Full Text | Google ScholarCited by: 2. Submaximal performance testing is a way of estimating either VO 2 max or "aerobic fitness" in sports test protocols do not reach the maximum of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Submaximal tests are used because maximal tests can be dangerous in individuals who are not considered normal healthy subjects and for elite athletes maximal tests would disrupt training load.

maximal and submaximal exercise testing and describes the clinical application of submaximal testing. The strengths and limitations of both predictive and perfor-mance submaximal tests and the means of maximizing validity and reliability of data are presented.

Predictive tests are submaximal tests that are used to predict maximal aerobic Size: KB. Ross Submaximal Treadmill Protocol Results Graph. YMCA Submaximal Step Test. Set a metronome to 96 bpm for a three minute submaximal step test onto a 12 inch high ( cm) step bench.

Step to a four beat cycle up, up, down, down. At the end of the three minute stepping period, immediately sit down and begin counting the heart rate for one minute. seven submaximal protocols. The Cotten step test mean was different from the remaining six tests. Three step tests had the highest predictions: Cotten test, ml/kg min; Astrand-Rhyming test, mllkg min and Queen's College test, mllkg min.

The Bruce treadmill test produced the fourth highest mean, mllkg min. No differences. Healthy volunteers (age ) (n = 28) performed maximal treadmill exercise to define HRmax.

They also performed submaximal exercise tests based on Edwards' Heart Zones approach. These submaximal tests were: 5-min Walk Test, 1-min Chair Test, 3-min Step Test, Talk Test, 2-min 10 Beat Test, 2 by 4-min Test, and Easy-Moderate-Hard Test.

Aerobic capacity tests are important to evaluate exercise programs and to encourage individuals to have a physically active lifestyle.

Submaximal tests, if proven valid and reliable could be used for estimation of maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max). The purpose of the study was to examine the criterion-validity of the submaximal self-monitoring Fox-walk test and the submaximal Åstrand cycle Cited by: The degree of relationship between each regression equation for predicting 1-RM strength from either RM or RM submaximal strength tests and the actual 1-RM was determined using the correlation coefficient (r) and adjusted R2.

The adjusted R2 value equals the explained variance between the correlated values.THE PREDICTION OF MAXIMAL OXYGEN CONSUMPTION FROM A SUBMAXIMAL WATER RUNNING TEST by DAESUNG ROH, B.S.

A THESIS IN An increase in V02max is brought about bv three main changes, an increased oxygen delivery to the working muscles, an increased cardiac output Jones () stated that when predicting V02max from submaximal data, it is best to.